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Providence Plantation taster trips

On Sunday 2nd and 9th October we will be having free taster trips to Providence Plantation. Providence Plantation is a piece of University-owned woodland by Long Ashton that BUCG helps manage. We will be cutting back brambles to keep pathways and butterfly glades clear.

You do not have to be a member to come along and the bus fair will be subsidised. Places are limited to if you do want to come along please email Ollie by 12pm on Wednesday 28th September.


Our first event of the conservation calendar will be a picnic at Ashton Court on Sunday 25th September. Join us for fun and food and feel free to bring your friends. We are meeting at 2pm by the Clifton Suspension Bridge. If the the is unkind we will head to a pub instead. You can join our Facebook event page here.

Welcome Fair

We hope you all have had a great summer and are looking forward the new academic year. Things are starting with the Welcome Week and we will be at the Welcome Fair on Durdham Down on Friday 23rd September, 10am-5pm.

Whether you are a Fresher or returning to University, looking to join for the first time or again, we look forward to seeing you. If you are at interested or would just like to drop in for a chat please we will be at our stall, with biscuits to share of course!

You can also sign up for the mailing list by emailing our webmaster, Christopher and join for on £3 by visiting our Bristol SU page. If you were a member last year do not forget you will sign-up again for this one!


AWT trip

On Wednesday 8th June will be our first trip with the new committee and the last of the new term. We will be working with the Avon Wildlife Trust on one of their, as yet unconfirmed, sites. We will be meet at the AWT offices on Jacob’s Wells Road at 9:45am and travelling by minibus and probably back in Bristol by around 4pm.

This is a great chance to get outdoors and have some fun after the stress of exams. If you would like to go please email Ollie, our new president, by 5pm on Sunday 5th June as places are limited.


To celebrate the summer and de-stress for exam season we will be having a picnic on the Downs on Monday 6th June. We will be meeting at the water tower at 1pm for food and fun in the sun. Feel free to bring along some food and drink.

Annual General Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM. The newly elected committee is as follows:

  • President: Ollie Harrison
  • Vice-President/Treasurer: Bea Cornu Hewitt
  • Secretary: Jessica Bampton
  • Social Secretaries: Emily Stevens & Jessica Bampton
  • Tools & Safety Officers: Alex Rought & Owen Iredale
  • Webmaster: Christopher Lock
  • Providence Plantation Officer: Anni Mann

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 3rd May from 7pm at the King’s Arms on Whiteladies Road. The AGM is your chance to have a say in what goes on in the society and perhaps even help to run it.  It is also a a good opportunity to find out more about what has been happening this year and to look ahead to next year. Of course it is also a fun social event.

Being part of the BUCG committee is an excellent way to get more involved with the group and also makes a good addition to your CV. Have a read of the committee position descriptions below – if you would like to run for one please email our president, Emily. Though if you decide you want to at the last moment you can stand for election on the day. At the AGM you will be asked to give a short speech to let members know why they should vote for you.

Even if you do not want to stand for a committee position please come along anyway to vote, chat and have a few drinks.

Lastly take a look at our constitution and if you would like to suggest a change or addition please email Emily to submit a motion.

Thanks to everyone for making this a lovely year of conservation!

President: organise trips and transport (including sign ups, and emailing people in charge of reserves), chair meetings, send emails to keep members informed.

“Being the President of a society sounds a bit daunting at first, but we don’t take things too seriously in BUCG and it’s mostly just lots of fun. I have learnt a lot about group management and leadership in my time as president. It has also been a lovely way to meet new people, as well as get outside and explore the countryside every couple of weeks. Sometimes trying to book a minibus can make you question your life choices, but it makes it worth it once you’re at the beach with a lovely bunch of people!” – Emily Ramsden

Vice president: assist and support the president, organise society merchandise.

“As Vice-President you are a jack-of-all-trades and most certainly master-of-none. Alongside being the sounding board for the President regarding any and all trip decisions, you’ll end up doing a bit of everything in the society. At various stages you’ll lend a hand to social secretaries with planning socials, tools officers with…well with tools, and just generally will be available to sort out the half dozen things that go wrong prior to a trip. On trips people will assume you know what’s going on, get good at pretending that you do, it inspires confidence! Your only real responsibility for the year is to sort out hoodies and t-shirts for members. You also have to make fun of the President, and encourage people to eat biscuits. I’m fairly that’s in the constitution.” – Alex Rought

Treasurer: in charge of book-keeping, claiming back money from the union, collecting trip money (cannot be in their final year).

“As Treasurer the job is pretty easy. I collect money on minibus trips and pay it in at the Union. As well as filling out, signing and taking to the Union any claims form that members have for things that they have bought for the society. Then at the end of the year I sort out the accounts and make sure everything balances!” – Katherine Pugsley

Tools and Safety officer (two positions): maintain/replace tools, account for tools on trips, give tools and safety talk on trips.

“Being tools and safety officer mostly just involves occasional tool maintenance and trying to make the tools talk entertaining. It’s great to put on your CV because it shows you’re responsible enough to be in charge of lots of people with sharp objects and make sure they don’t hurt themselves/each other”

Secretary (two positions): take minutes during meetings, keep tea and snacks topped up.

“As the secretary you are responsible for taking minutes during committee meetings, writing them up and sending them to other committee members. There are usually only a couple of committee meetings each term so this does not require much time. Undoubtedly, the most important role of the secretary is to go on foraging missions to Sainsbury’s in order to acquire precious foodstuffs such as tea, biscuits and toffees. This task is vital as it ensures that hardworking conservationist do not starve to death whilst perilously fighting against our arch nemesis: the brambles. All money spent during quests to obtain the essential snackage items is reimbursed by the Conservation Society” – Jess Bampton

Social Secretary (two positions): organise regular socials and the AGM.

“Being social secretary is a super fun role, through which you can express your true organisational and social creativity! The Great Conservation Bake-Off? A David Attenborough movie night? A wild bar crawl on the Triangle? The choice is yours! (As an extra plus, looks great on the CV!). Having had this role for 2 years I can highly recommend it :)” – Emma Eastcott

Webmaster: keep the website updated with info and photos, maintain the current mailing list.

“The webmaster updates the group’s website and mailing list. The mailing list just requires the addition and removal of email addresses, which mostly happens in the wake of Fresher’s Fair. Managing the website involves adding information about upcoming events and other news as well as putting up photos afterwards. Don’t worry about having done lots of coding – when I took over as webmaster I did an overhaul of the website design having never done any before! Plus the latest incarnation is intuitive to edit.” – Christopher Lock

Providence Plantation officer: in charge of the university woodland in Long Ashton, planning work for the site and liaising with the university to sort out a plan of action.

“Managing Providence is a really good way to learn more about woodland management by working with people who actually do it as a job! It’s also nice to have somewhere that we can plan our own trips and activities, and it is perfect for bonfires…”

Providence Plantation

On Sunday 24th April, for our last trip before the AGM, we are going back to Providence Plantation in Long Ashton. We we will be doing some maintenance work before the summer, like cutting back brambles. This a great excuse to go to the woods before the exam season.
We’ll be getting the 10:35am X9 from Bristol Bus Station, and will aim to be back in Bristol around 5pm (although of course you can get the bus back at any time during the day).
If you’d like to come along please email Emily by 5pm on Thursday 21st.

Open committee meeting

In the run up to the AGM we are holding and open committee meeting on Tuesday 12th April at 4pm at the Hawthorns. This meeting is open to everyone and will last for about an hour. It’ll be a good opportunity to see how they work (or don’t…) and ask any questions you might have, especially if you are thinking of running for a committee position at the AGM.

Please email Emily if you’ll be joining us. If you can not make it (sorry for the short notice) but are interested in joining the committee, feel free to ask Emily any questions or let her know if you would like to meet for a chat.

Berrow Dunes

Finally, conservation is going to the beach! On Sunday 13th March we are going to be be clearing sea buckthorn for Sedgemoor District Council in Berrow Dunes, a SSSI next to the Bristol Channel.
We will be leaving at about 9-9:30am and we will be back in Bristol around 5-6pm.
Please email Emily by Wednesday 9th at 5pm if you would like to come on the trip.

Laser tag

We will be heading to Laser Fusion in Broadmead for some fun games of laser tag at 8pm on Monday 7th March.